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Wale – More About Nothing (Mixtape)

Posted: August 5, 2010 by nosebleed1 in good music
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A couple days late, but still worth your ears, the new work from DC’s own Wale. More About Nothing is the mixtape sequel to his previous Seinfield-inspired effort “Mixtape About Nothing.” Though the title may be bland, More About Nothing will have you asking…”If this is a mixtape, what’s an album sound like?” Down below check out a couple of my favorite tracks off the mixtape, or download it in it’s entirety HERE.

Wale – The Black N Gold (Sam Sparro)

Wale – The Breeze (Cool) Ft. Wiz Khalifa

DC sensation, Wale, drops off another track from his upcoming mixtape “More About Nothing” due out August 3rd. In this one, Wale uses several Tiger Woods adultery quotes and even mixes in a bit of Seinfield to create a passionate song about sorrow, regret and moving forward. Like his previously released “Workin'” there is no real chorus on this one, just continual rap broken up by real instrumentals and sampled speech. I can dig his method of simplistic hip-hop in a time when so many songs need electro remixes to survive. ¬†Check it out below.

Wale – The Eyes of The Tiger

Mike Posner. You’ve heard him on the radio for his hit “Cooler Than Me,” yet the recent grad from Duke has yet to even release a full album. Fortunately, that is all about to change, as “31 Minutes To Takeoff” is set to be released on August 10th. His blend of electro-pop is incredibely appealing, particularly when it is paired with hip-hop artists such as Big Sean, Bun B, XV, and Wale, artists he has worked with in the past. The first single to leak from Posner’s album is “Please Don’t Go,” and this post had to include it – although for now you can only stream it – to get the mp3, preorder his new album here. While it’s not a typical nosebleed hip-hop song, we’ve supported Posner since he started his career and he’s been incredibly appreciative of that support, taking time to record a shoutout for us and chatting online with us about his releases. Beyond the loyalty, we’re also sure this song is going to eventually climb the music charts – just wait and see. After that, check out “Wonder Why” if you haven’t already heard it – it’s an insanely dope collaboration featuring Mikey P on the hook, Big Sean, Kenn Starr, and DC spitter Wale. Straight hits!

Please Don’t Go – Mike Posner

Wonder Why – Wale feat. Mike Posner, Big Sean, and Kenn Starr

Wale – Workin’

Posted: July 11, 2010 by nosebleed1 in good music, good video
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If you’re checking this blog, you probably already know Wale: the new kid out of D.C. who is slowly making his way up in the rap game. Well, prepare yourself for some new Wale music¬†expected out on August 3 – this new mixtape is called “More About Nothing” to go along with his previous effort “The Mixtape About Nothing.” And yes, it’s better than that makes it sound. In the meantime, Wale dropped off a new track, “Workin'” that really gets the juices pumping, but is not going to be on the upcoming mixtape. Listen+download the track below and be sure to check out the video preview as well.

Wale – Workin’