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Check out “Step Correctly,” the new track from Army of the Pharaohs veteran Celph Titled.  Consistent with the often angry, violent and volatile music of the Pharaohs, Celph Titled backs down to absolutely nothing on this track. While a bunch of the music here at the NBS consists sampled beats, pop/college party hip-hop, no one can ignore this side of the versatile genre; you know, where it’s like steroid-ridden emcees use rhyming as their own personally woo-sah. Either way, this track is sure to get your blood pumping. A little bit about Celph Titled: he’s latin, born in Tampa, now a NYCer, and he’s soon to release “Nineteen Ninety Now” a new mixtape due out October 26. This upcoming album is full of unused beats from producer Buckwild back from the early ’90s, which is sure to give it a more simplistic, retro feel. Listen + Download below.

Celph Titled – Step Correctly