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S-Preme – Up and Away

Posted: August 17, 2010 by nosebleed2 in good music
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Pretty excited about this one, folks. One week ago on Twitter one of our new favorite artists, S-Preme, announced that he liked Asher Roth’s G.R.I.N.D. instrumental. Having just featured both S-Preme’s “Popular” and Asher Roth’s “G.R.I.N.D.” the idea of hearing the combination was tremendously exciting – so we told S-Preme to “Do It” on Twitter, as evidenced in the convo above. Imagine my surprise when I just saw the completed track, complete with dope artwork, featured on the incredibly popular/one of our favorite music blogs Gowhere Hip Hop. The surprise turned into delight when I started listening – S-Preme kills it. From his opening line “I’m looking up, I’m looking forward, to looking back…” to his final well-sung chorus this song is sure to be a NBS favorite. We’re really happy S-Preme came through (he released it the next day!) and happy we could play a small part in making the track happen. Enjoy and shout out to S-Preme for coming through – can’t wait for your upcoming EP S-Prodigy.

This past month has seen incredibly pop-ular posts featuring E-Dubble, S-Preme, and The Dean’s List. To celebrate their success, we’ve decided to do an encore post, this time featuring some dope new remixes each of the hip-hop artists have recently released. First up is the latest freestyle friday release from one of our new favorite artists E-Dubble, rapping effortlessly over Miike Snow’s “Animal” beat. We’re definitely going to keep an eye on E-Dubble, and you should too. Next up, we have the mastermind between the “Popular” post we featured a few days ago, S-Preme. This time he’s back with a re-working of B.O.B’s radio hit “Nothin’ On You;” and after listening it’s clear, everything this man touches turns to gold. You should definitely check it out and add it to the summer playlist, it’s truly an impressive blend of remix ingenuity and talented delivery. Last but certainly not least, we have The Dean’s List, one of the best emerging hip-hop groups New England can claim. They are back with a fresh new take on The Script’s “Breakeven” titled “Valley Girl.” Enjoy!

S-Preme – Popular

Posted: July 21, 2010 by nosebleed2 in good music
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What are the elements that made Jay-Z’s classic “Hardknock Life” so good? The answer’s simple – a catchy sample from the broadway play Annie and a flow and storyline to match. While Jay-Z can pull sampling just about anything off, since his masterpiece few others have dared try to sample a broadway play…until Chicago’s S-Preme arrived. To create the masterpiece that we feature below, S-Preme utilized a snippet of broadway star Kristen Chenowith’s “Wicked” song “Popular” as a chorus. S-Preme created a beat and chorus with tremendous potential – and while this alone is impressive, the best part of this song is how S-Preme’s verses fit with it. He kills it – ending the song “success is spelled with two t’s//talent time//until then im living in my mind//where im…popular.” Whether this MC becomes popular or not remains to be seen, but with songs like this he certainly could be soon – we’ll keep an eye on this talented MC in the meantime and keep you updated – for now check out the song below and download his latest, outstanding mixtape here.