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E-Dubble is an impressive upcoming rapper currently multiplying his fan base in Baltimore, MD. Born in the suburbs of Philadelphia, E-Dubble recognized music as his passion at a young age and continued that desire throughout his 4 years at St. Mary’s College of Maryland. Upon completion of his academic journey, E-Dubble took to his basement studio and became serious about making music. As a member of the Baltimore-based hip-hop group, Young English, E-Dubble quickly gained the respect of all those present in the local hip-hop scene, and now his praisers are widely expanding. His first album, hip-hop is Good can be downloaded HERE, but what you cannot miss out on is this man’s mission entitled “Freestyle Fridays” which features unusual, yet delicious samples and hard-hitting rhymes. The whole effort can be viewed HERE, but down below I included my two favorites “Tired” – with a sweet Tom Petty sample and “Hard Worker” – a song with a daring country music sample, something that’s often frowned upon in the hip-hop world. Other samples in this work include Ratatat (Let Me Ohh), Regina Spektor (On The Radio), and even Hanson (Class Clown), because let’s be honest… everyone loves a little mmmmBOP. There’s no doubt about it, E-Dubble is a talented rapper who isn’t afraid to bring a bit of originality into his music.

Tired – E-Dubble

Hard Worker – E-Dubble

As hip-hop fans living around Philadelphia, we heard about Chiddy Bang when they were just getting started. From the nosebleeds to the iTunes charts and their worldwide tour, it has been a pleasure watching these two succeed – a model of how funky beats, fresh lyrics, and internet hype can get just about anyone heard and seen nowadays.  When you listen to their music one thing is clear, Chiddy Bang are here to stay. The self-described “kings of the basement party” have a debut album coming out August 24th which we’ll feature here, but for now catch a glimpse at where music is taking the pair today.

PropaYne – Ode To Ye (Mixtape)

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This album is sick. PropaYne is currently a no-name artist, but that is sure to change as this masterpiece spreads. This young rapper/producer from just outside Philadelphia, has compiled 7 tracks in honor of Ye, each of which features a string representation of famed Kanye melodies with propaYne rapping on top. It’s a very relaxing, chill sound, however the amazing strings keep you interested – oh yeah, and he did it all in one day. DAMN. For fans of true instrumentals, the work of Kanye, or upcoming rappers, be sure to check out the tracks below and download the whole mixtape, as well as more from PropaYne,  HERE.

PropaYne – Livin Good (Good Life)

PropaYne – Playa (All Falls Down)

Gilbere Forte’s “1st Floor” is quite an introduction to the hip-hop stylings of the Philadelphia artist. With production by Aislyn of indie band Passion Pit, this release at first sounds as if its a Postal Service or Owl City synthy-pop song – that is, until Gilbere enters the song. His two verses, hidden within the 5 minute ballad, come with an authority and confidence that demand attention and leave you wanting more. At the end of the song, one thing is clear – if Gilbere and his fresh, exciting sound continued to be paired with such outstanding production there is no limit to what this young artist can achieve; in his words,  “open up your eyes when you look in the sky, let my music be your wings when you’re ready to fly.”

From the city that gave you Chiddy Bang, Philadelphia presents Ground Up! The trio, made up of MC’s Azar and Malakai and producer Bij Lincolns, is an emerging group of college students from Temple whose dedication and love for hip-hop shines through in each of their recent releases. Thanks to inspired performances at a range of colleges, multiple mixtapes, and internet hype the group caught my attention – and it will be fun watching this group navigate the hip-hop world, and here at the Nosebleed Section we’ll be sure to keep you updated. But, for starters, check out a recently released video for their track “Turn Around” – a song which creatively combines Tracy Chapman’s “Gimme One Reason” with some bass, snare, and confident verses.

Today, Philadelphia upcomer That Kid C-G released his first mixtape “The Lifestyles of the Rich and Swellegant.” Though skeptical at first, there is certainly a great deal of potential to be seen in his first publication. A schoolboy friend of Chiddy Bang’s Proto, That Kid C-G chooses to use the concept of “Swelly” as referenced in much of Chiddy Bang’s recent work. Good business move by this young rapper, attaching yourself to a band of such current success. As for the tape, it’s an overall feel-good work, complete with airy synths and pop-ridden chorus lines to connect verses. Down below is “I Know You Like That,” which presents a confident summer song that is sure to put the joy back into hip-hop. Download the full mixtape here and be sure to listen in on “Fork in the Road” as C-G goes in over the RJD2 classic “Ghostwriter,” as well as “Get In Your Zone.”

Hoodie Allen, with a catchy flow and a sped up indie-sample, is firmly announcing his place in the hip-hop game with this one. The New York based MC Steven Markowitz is the master behind Hoodie, and this song recently made it all the way to #1 on HypeMachine, getting the attention and acclaim it deserves. Check it