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OnCue – Let Loose

Posted: August 27, 2010 by nosebleed2 in good video
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Here at The Nosebleed Section we CANNOT WAIT for the full-length release of OnCue’s Cuey Sings The Blues which drops September 7th. In our opinion, OnCue has earned his spot as one of the best emerging MC’s in the game, thanks to a combination of great samples and witty lyrics. We’ve featured him three times before – first for “Crashing Down” and “Friends,” next for “Inhale Exhale (VKNG Remix), then for “Breathe Me.” Today, we add another killer track to the list – “Let Loose.” Featuring a sample of Feist’s “One, Two, Three, Four,” Cuey teams up with Nickelus F and Theo Martins for a masterful collaboration. Cuey kills his verse which is highlighted by his combination of confidence and humour – lyrics include  “never been cocky but i still know i’m the shit though” and the funny line “don’t bring your girlfriend around me homie I might motorboat her.” It’s Cuey letting loose, and it’s fun to listen to – we couldn’t enjoy it more. Check it out/download below! Spread the word – and remember, you heard it hear first.

As you can see in the poster above, OnCue’s next mixtape “Cuey Sings The Blues” will be dropping for FREE on September 7th. The two leaks off the album have been outstanding – “Friends” and “Crashing Down” – and it’s impossble to wait for the full project to be released given our excitement (check out the video preview below!). To hold ourselves/our followers over, today’s post features an older OnCue song titled “Breathe Me,” guaranteed to impress all who listen. Featuring a haunting sample of Australian singer-songwriter Sia’s track of the same name, Cuey provides his characteristic  combination of thoughtful lyrics matched with a determined flow. As this is a somewhat retrospective look at the Connecticut-based rapper, it is worth a mention that OnCue’s previous mixtape called “Cueyfornication” can be downloaded here – and is insanely dope. Every song samples  a past Red Hot Chili Pepper single, yet it is OnCue who steals the show from the California rock legends on every track – particularly during my personal favorite “Otherside.” In my mind there is no doubting that OnCue is one of best emerging artists we feature, and watching his career progress is truly exciting, since every thing this man touches seems to turn to gold. OnCue, we salute you, September 7th can’t come soon enough.

Most of the hip-hop songs we feature on this site are welcome additions to any hip-hop fans collection, yet don’t always make the final cut when it’s time to make a playlist for a summer party. Today, we change that; ain’t no party like a nosebleed party, cause a nosebleed party don’t stop! Ideally this will be a monthly post which will include a mix of remixes featuring artists we’ve already spotlighted, more mainstream hip-hop songs we like, and other tunes we feel you need to hear. We remain devoted to bringing you the best songs from hip-hops emerging artists we find the rest of the month, but want a day to include, well, the best of the rest.

First, remember OnCue?  We featured him here. Well, here is he again, this time in “Inhale, Exhale (VIKING Remix).” It’s hard to resist the way this song builds slowly into the chorus, and then the irresistibly catchy chorus itself – listen above. // Next, another rapper we’ve featured (here), iSH, is back again too. This time, it’s his remix of the radio hit “Bulletproof,” and his verse is an undoubted improvement. Ch-check it out. // After these two, we get a bit more mainstream. First, Duke-graduate turned superstar, Mike Posner. His song “Cooler Than Me,” has been tearing up the radio charts, and featured below is my favorite remix of the track thus far, perfect for raging. // Finally, my most-played song of the summer. If you haven’t already heard it, “Armada Latina” is the result of Latino hip-hop royalty Cypress Hill teaming up with Marc Anthony and Pitbull. Its irresistable, accessible to all music fans, and the perfect way to end this collection. (Update: Added a bonus track, Glasses Malones thumper “I Get Doe.”)

OnCue – Friends

Posted: June 23, 2010 by nosebleed1 in good music
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OnCue, at 20 years old and hailing from Hartford, CT, is one talented hip-hopper who deserves your attention . Recently, he released “Crashing Down”, featuring the timeless Dave Matthews Band sample, as the first release off Cuey’s upcoming mixtape, “Cuey Sings the Blues.” The mixtape will also features samples from Imogean Heap, Tracy Chapman and Sigur Ros among many others. Today, OnCue released a second track from the mixtape entitled “Friends,” discussing the role of social support throughout his quest for stardom. Be sure to listen+download both tracks below.

Previously, OnCue teamed up with the renegade that is Mick Boogie and Terry Urban to create “Cueyfornication,” a mixtape that…you guessed it… samples only the Red Hot Chili Peppers. Check out that mixtape and much more from OnCue here.