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Outasight – Never Say Never (Mixtape)

Posted: August 18, 2010 by nosebleed1 in good music
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Wow, Outasight is back everyone! This NYC singer/rhymer hit the scene with serious force upon the release of “Radio New York” with such hits as Another L@te Night, and Love or Confusion?, but has slightly fell off with his recent mixtapes…until now. Never Say Never, released today, is full off non-stop groovin’, hip-hop tracks that form a comprehensive fusion of all things funk, rap and in between. Outasight, himself, sings sweet chorus lines and lays down solid lyricism, and as if that wasn’t enough “Never Say Never” features two crazy upcomers Freddie Gibbs and XV. Outasight is back and I hope he’s here to stay, as a musical gateway between the guitar slinging popstars and the mic ridden emcess. On top of all that, Outasight has uploaded this masterpiece in its entirety at soundcloud, so why choose a track? just stream + download the whole thing below.

Discovering music is full of surprises and disappointments; it’s a journey marked with countless wasted megabites and even temporary losses of hope… until you find it. That song. That group that makes it worth it. Introducing: Circa ’87. I first came across this group after their latest release “Just Livin” featuring the ever-creative Incomparable Shakespeare. Noticing potential, I delved deeper into their slim portfolio and found The Fly Life. It’s hard but refreshing, basic but original, and it will be bumping through my speakers for many nights to come. Check it out below and if you’re as excited as I am, mark your calenders for their upcoming mixtape “Dreams and Dream Killers” due out August 9th (August 9th update: mixtape available here!) More from the NYC duo HERE.

Circa ’87 – The Fly Life

June 22. Today marks the official release of Eminem’s “Recovery,” the new Miley Cyrus album and even a new country EP from Uncle Kracker, but what’s most important for us here at The NBS is the new release from NYC duo, Metermaids. This free mixtape, “Hello,” consists of 9 new tracks from the group, each of which features a heavy indie sample, making it irresistible to both tight pants wearers as well as the baggy hoodie folks. Whichever you are, be sure to listen+download here. Though the group has seen most acclaim spurring from the Grizzly Bear infused “Yellow Tape,” I’ve decided to include “Mandee From The Record Shop” – an Andrew Bird remix. Also, Metermaids has an upcoming studio album on its way entitled “Rooftop Shake” with production credits to the great 9th Wonder. Look out.

Homeboy Sandman – Tyshae

Posted: June 20, 2010 by nosebleed1 in good music
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On June 1, NYC’s Homeboy Sandman released his first studio album “The Good Sun.” Here at The NBS, we provided the stream+download to a smoking single off that work entitled “Yeah, But I Can Rhyme Though,” so be sure to check that out if you missed it. Anyway, the album only a couple weeks behind him, Homeboy Sandman has just released a new single “Tyshae” to be featured on “The Lotus Effect,” an upcoming compilation album from the NYC producer, Lotus. I’m really lovin’ H.S.’s humble lyricism and his ability to embed his life learnings into each track. Check it out.

Junk Science – Really, Man

Posted: June 19, 2010 by nosebleed1 in good music
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Though Junk Science may fit the mold of countless hip-hop duos featuring one emcee and one beatmaster, when the two combine the result is far from ordinary. Baje One (rap extrodinaire) and DJ Snafu (aforementioned beatmaster) met in a Brooklyn high school, honed their hip-hop arsenal and quickly worked their way into a record deal under the name Junk Science. After relative underground success, the duo recently released their third album, “A Miraculous Kind of Machine,” in late May. Like always, check out all this group has to offer, but be sure to listen+download “Really, Man,” one of their new tracks that discusses their pathway to where the are now and conclusively declares “I’ve learned a whole lot, but I still don’t know shit.” You gotta love the honesty of their music.

UPDATE: Once in a while, I’m going to have to add on to a post or two…and today it’s because Baje One of Junk Science has a single that is among my favorite hip-hop songs, and it deserves to be included in this post. I absolutely love the stop-and-start beat, and the verse fits perfectly. Enjoy!

Metermaids – Matchbook

Posted: June 18, 2010 by nosebleed1 in good music
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Beside the much anticipated release of Audiodax’s “The Annexation,” next week will also feature a new mixtape release from the Brooklyn duo Metermaids. With an ever-coexisting mash of indie/alternative rock and hip-hop, emcees Swell and Sentence do not disappoint. Many of their songs are upbeat headbangers that rely heavily on electric guitar, but my favorite track is “Matchbook,” which acts as more of a rock+rap ballad. I am certainly one who loves a fun, hyperactive, overwhelming beat, but on the other hand I am a total sucker for this type of stripped song with the vocals in the forefront. I find it to be more personal and reflect more on who the artist is, and what they can really do with a mic. With that in mind, be sure to listen and download “Matchbook” below and prepare yourself for the free mixtape “Hello” scheduled for a June 22 release.

Homeboy Sandman is a very unique artist gaining popularity today. Originally from Queens, NYC, H.S. then went to study at the University of Pennsylvania where he earned his Ivy League degree. Though he’s been releasing music since his first EP in 2007, today marks the release of the Sandman’s first official album. “The Good Sun.”

“Yeah, But I Can Rhyme Though,” track #4 on the new album, acts as the autobiography of Homeboy Sandman and is certainly worth checking out below. With a real story and addicting beat, this song acts as the proud centerpiece of “The Good Sun.”