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June 22. Today marks the official release of Eminem’s “Recovery,” the new Miley Cyrus album and even a new country EP from Uncle Kracker, but what’s most important for us here at The NBS is the new release from NYC duo, Metermaids. This free mixtape, “Hello,” consists of 9 new tracks from the group, each of which features a heavy indie sample, making it irresistible to both tight pants wearers as well as the baggy hoodie folks. Whichever you are, be sure to listen+download here. Though the group has seen most acclaim spurring from the Grizzly Bear infused “Yellow Tape,” I’ve decided to include “Mandee From The Record Shop” – an Andrew Bird remix. Also, Metermaids has an upcoming studio album on its way entitled “Rooftop Shake” with production credits to the great 9th Wonder. Look out.