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Today, Philadelphia upcomer That Kid C-G released his first mixtape “The Lifestyles of the Rich and Swellegant.” Though skeptical at first, there is certainly a great deal of potential to be seen in his first publication. A schoolboy friend of Chiddy Bang’s Proto, That Kid C-G chooses to use the concept of “Swelly” as referenced in much of Chiddy Bang’s recent work. Good business move by this young rapper, attaching yourself to a band of such current success. As for the tape, it’s an overall feel-good work, complete with airy synths and pop-ridden chorus lines to connect verses. Down below is “I Know You Like That,” which presents a confident summer song that is sure to put the joy back into hip-hop. Download the full mixtape here and be sure to listen in on “Fork in the Road” as C-G goes in over the RJD2 classic “Ghostwriter,” as well as “Get In Your Zone.”