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Remember Hoodie Allen? His last single “You Are Not A Robot” was one of the first songs we featured on this site – and one of our absolute favorite tracks of the summer. Lucky for you, we’ve got more from Hoodie. Much, much more. Primarily, featured below, we have Hoodie’s latest single “Words Of Wisdom.” Using the hit making recipe of one-part-dope-sample (Two Door Cinema Club’s “Undercover Martyn”) and one-part-killer-verse (featuring a Landon Donovan reference!) Hoodie and producer RJF team up for an absolute must have track. It’s got a laid back feel to it, yet the delivery of the lines is spot on – they demand the attention they deserve. To coincide with the release of this dope single, The Nosebleed Section was granted an exclusive interview with the emerging talent. Press play down below, check out what Hoodie has to say and get excited for his upcoming September album “Pep Rally.” We’re expecting big things!


The NBS: Hoodie Allen. First off, welcome to the Nosebleeds! Hoodie: i like the view from here.

The NBS: Describe your sound in three words.  Hoodie: tasty jams son.

The NBS: And the name Hoodie Allen – where’d that come from? Hoodie: i think initially it was just being hip hop’s equivalent of woody allen…but now it feels like it means more…

The NBS: How so?  Hoodie: well, now that i’ve really crafted my sound and finally found the type of music and message i want to make, hoodie allen has become something to represent me rather than an homage to another figure.

The NBS: An evolution of sorts – what’s that message you’ve arrived at? Hoodie: the theme that seems to emerge most for me is individuality, and i like to stress it through witty lines and fun stories…i mean sometimes its just all about rapping for fun but i think it is important to stand for something.

The NBS: Howd you get started as an MC? Hoodie: ive been writing lyrics since i was very young, probably about 10 years old so it developed out of that, i grew up loving blackstar and outkast and it made me want to try rapping so i started at 15 recording stuff.

The NBS: Your two latest singles – “You Are Not A Robot” and “Words Of Wisdom” – feature indie samples and beats produced by RJF. Who is this mysterious producer? Hoodie: haha he is not that mysterious but he is seriously dope. RJF is RJ Ferguson, my very close friend from school and incredibly talented producer.

The NBS: Agreed. How has the reception to the two RJF + Hoodie singles featured below been? Hoodie: unlike anything i ever anticipated. neither of us expected it to be this well received or get to this many ears. so once it happened, we knew we had to take it seriously and got to werkkkkk.

The NBS: Work that we’ll hear on the September release “Pep Rally?Hoodie: Precisely.

The NBS: Give us a little preview of what we might hear on “Pep Rally” –  and will it be free? Hoodie: i think the two songs youve heard so far are a good representation of the sound but we got some more upbeat tracks. i’ve never been as proud of a project. and yes it will be freeeeeeeeee!

The NBS: How can we as listeners help promote the tunes? Hoodie: sign up for hype machine (here) and heart the shit out of my tracks (here and here)! and then ill give you all a virtual hi five!

The NBS: Cheers Hoodie. Our first interview for the Nosebleed Section! We’ve got a new favorite artist. Hoodie: woo! that’s awesome.


Listen to/download the new Hoodie Allen single “Words of Wisdom” here:

And, if you haven’t already, listen/download “You Are Not a Robot” here:

Hoodie Allen, with a catchy flow and a sped up indie-sample, is firmly announcing his place in the hip-hop game with this one. The New York based MC Steven Markowitz is the master behind Hoodie, and this song recently made it all the way to #1 on HypeMachine, getting the attention and acclaim it deserves. Check it