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This past month has seen incredibly pop-ular posts featuring E-Dubble, S-Preme, and The Dean’s List. To celebrate their success, we’ve decided to do an encore post, this time featuring some dope new remixes each of the hip-hop artists have recently released. First up is the latest freestyle friday release from one of our new favorite artists E-Dubble, rapping effortlessly over Miike Snow’s “Animal” beat. We’re definitely going to keep an eye on E-Dubble, and you should too. Next up, we have the mastermind between the “Popular” post we featured a few days ago, S-Preme. This time he’s back with a re-working of B.O.B’s radio hit “Nothin’ On You;” and after listening it’s clear, everything this man touches turns to gold. You should definitely check it out and add it to the summer playlist, it’s truly an impressive blend of remix ingenuity and talented delivery. Last but certainly not least, we have The Dean’s List, one of the best emerging hip-hop groups New England can claim. They are back with a fresh new take on The Script’s “Breakeven” titled “Valley Girl.” Enjoy!

E-Dubble is an impressive upcoming rapper currently multiplying his fan base in Baltimore, MD. Born in the suburbs of Philadelphia, E-Dubble recognized music as his passion at a young age and continued that desire throughout his 4 years at St. Mary’s College of Maryland. Upon completion of his academic journey, E-Dubble took to his basement studio and became serious about making music. As a member of the Baltimore-based hip-hop group, Young English, E-Dubble quickly gained the respect of all those present in the local hip-hop scene, and now his praisers are widely expanding. His first album, hip-hop is Good can be downloaded HERE, but what you cannot miss out on is this man’s mission entitled “Freestyle Fridays” which features unusual, yet delicious samples and hard-hitting rhymes. The whole effort can be viewed HERE, but down below I included my two favorites “Tired” – with a sweet Tom Petty sample and “Hard Worker” – a song with a daring country music sample, something that’s often frowned upon in the hip-hop world. Other samples in this work include Ratatat (Let Me Ohh), Regina Spektor (On The Radio), and even Hanson (Class Clown), because let’s be honest… everyone loves a little mmmmBOP. There’s no doubt about it, E-Dubble is a talented rapper who isn’t afraid to bring a bit of originality into his music.

Tired – E-Dubble

Hard Worker – E-Dubble