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AudioDax – Thoughts

Posted: August 13, 2010 by nosebleed1 in good music
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As a follower of our site, you know who AudioDax is and therefore, should be at the verge of foaming at the mouth to hear they have released new music. After releasing their first mixtape, The Annexation, the duo has seen a great deal of attention from blogs, agents and record companies, but with such an amazing introductory album, where does the group go next with their music? Luckily, AudioDax hasn’t let us down, remixing Crystal Castles’ “Empathy” to create a hard-hitting indie/hip-hop track. It’s a bit more aggressive and abrasive than anything on The Annexation, but I see it as the duo looking to branch out and try something new. Speaking of new, be on the lookout for their upcoming EP as well as a second mixtape on the way entitled “Vampire Castles: Our Take.” According to Matt & Thomas this “is a project where we honor our favorite bands and songs that should have been huge.” Can’t wait.

AudioDax – Thoughts

PJ Simas – The SLO Life (Album)

Posted: July 21, 2010 by nosebleed1 in good music
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This summer has been great for upcoming hip-hop artists, as countless carefree beats and party-ridden chorus lines have continued to shatter the blogosphere. Yet while many will fizzle as the sun dies down, expect PJ Simas to continue making a name for himself. Impressively, PJ Simas has launched his hip-hop career while serving as a current Sophomore Civil Engineering student at nationally ranked Cal Poly San Luis Obispo (SLO). July 16th marked the release his first mixtape “The SLO Life,” signifying this 20 year-old’s entrance into the newest generation of emerging hip-hoppers. The SLO Life is an 8-track album all written, performed and produced by PJ Simas and features an array of different styles, highlighting his ability to create meaningful, passionate songs amongst the club-bangers. With that in mind, the three tracks posted below are meant to serve as a comprehensive introduction to PJ Simas: “My Melody” is the upbeat, fun, party song; “Out Loud” is the battle rap track where brings intense lyrics to the forefront; and “Drugs” is the slow, dramatic, heartfelt track. Listen+ Download all below, and be sure to check out the complete album HERE.

PJ Simas – My Melody

PJ Simas – Out Loud

PJ Simas – Drugs (All I Wanted)

Get excited – this group is awesome. Sure, it’s another college rap duo that loves to sample indie-pop songs, but 1. who doesn’t love that? and 2. these guys do it better than the rest, with a certain fundamental rawness that keeps the music authentic. With harder lyricism than the frat synth anthems and catchier melodies than underground rap, each and every song by Isaiah & Hovey is downright irresistible. Isaiah Clements and Ben Hovey Benjamin Connell met at Virginia Commonwealth University (previously best known for Eric Maynor and their NCAA tournament upset against Duke), shared a passion for making music and began what will hopefully be a longstanding collaboration. Back in May, their efforts were shared with the world with the release of their first work – Dante’s Love Inferno Machine. Down below I’ve included some of my favorite tracks off the album, but this is certainly a mixtape that can and should be listened to from top to bottom… check it out HERE. Get excited – this group is awesome.

Isaiah & Hovey – Fidelity

Isaiah & Hovey – Can’t Help Myself

Isaiah & Hovey – Don’t Stop

Though it sounds an awful lot like the plot of the typical teenage movie, Loggy’s rap career began as a bet. It all began when Alex Lagemann, a California kid and wide receiver at Cal, noticed the nonsensical lyricism in most popular contemporary songs of today – even stating “I sat down and looked at the lyrics of ‘Tik Tok’ the Kesha song … and it’s literally a third grade poem.” His friends knew he was right, but couldn’t help but urge him to do better, betting him that he couldn’t make a song that was both catchy and meaningful. The result was “Loggy’s” first song: We Run LA, a tune which quickly spread throughout his circle of friends, then through Cal, and finally across the nation from campus to campus. Since then, Loggy’s music has been a common ingredient in the frat party scene, and Loggy himself has been touring the country to further promote his music. “I caught a ball in front of 70,000 people, I shouldn’t be afraid of playing a frat party in front of 150 drunk people.” On July 1, Loggy released his second mixtape entitled “New Kid” which is packed with upbeat/summer/party/chill-out  music, perfect for your visit to the beach or your night on the town. As expected, his sound is very reminiscent of Sam Adams and Asher Roth, with lots of beer references and loads of bass+synthesizers. Down below, check out the singles “Sun Setter” and “Don’t Stop Believin”” and download the whole mixtape HERE. For more on the story of Loggy, check out this article.

Loggy – Sun Setter

Loggy – Don’t Stop Believin’

AudioDax – Right Way

Posted: June 14, 2010 by nosebleed1 in good music
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I hate to play favorites, and I think as a music blogger, you are supposed to avoid full-blown biases, but to be honest… AudioDax is my favorite group right now. Firstly, they are college students at Depauw University in Indiana, who have successfully found balance on the tightrope that is academics + music. Secondly, I enjoy the dynamic of the duo. Unlike Chiddy Bang’s method of one man on the beats, one on the mic, AudioDax has both members on vocals allowing the listener to truly experience both artists. “Right Way” is a bonus track off their upcoming album “The Annexation” – hosted by DJ Benzi and Solly, due out by the end of this month. Also be sure to check out the rest of AudioDax including “Matter of Time” “Rewind” and my personal favorite “All The Koalas.”

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