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Remember Beyond Belief? The first time we were lucky enough to feature him on the NBS the Rockaway native demonstrated his wordplay dexterity over a simple, repetitive beat; now, he is back, but this time he has taken his hip-hop talents and combined them with production and rappers that only further compliment his talent. The single below utilizes the ever-catchy Stevie Wonder song “Sir Duke,” as the inspiration for the beat,and features two other rhymesayers helping Beyond Belief out, Kwame and Skillz. Kwame, the established producer/emcee behind the indie-label “Make Noise” which Beyond Belief is signed to, adds a confident and experienced verse, only to be followed by Skillz, another savvy hip-hop veteran who completes the song with a stylish swagger. In my mind however, it is Beyond Belief whose verse steals the show from both Kwame & Skillz, only further evidence of how much potential he has. Bottom line, this just-released track “All Over” only makes me even more excited for his upcoming mixtape Beyond Your Reach dropping August 26th on – Other rappers, whatcha want now? It’s all over, Beyond Belief is already beyond your reach.

According to Wikipedia, “Hip Hop’s “golden age” (or “golden era”) is a name given to a period in mainstream hip hop – usually cited as being a period varying in time frames during the 1980s and 1990s said to be characterized by its diversity, quality, innovation and influence.” This site, The Nosebleed Section, calls on our followers and fellow listeners to not lament the end of that era, but to instead embrace the current generation of rhyme spitters and realize that dope hip-hop continues to be made, daily. As further proof of this, this post presents up-and-comer Beyond Belief and his new single “Whatcha Want Now?!,” a track that might as well be the thesis in our argument. With skilled, confident wordplay over a simplistic, percussion-based beat, the Queens native truly impresses. We’re looking forward to the release of his soon-to-be released mixtape Beyond Your Reach, featuring this song and many more. That’s what we want now, here’s what we have now: