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AudioDax – Thoughts

Posted: August 13, 2010 by nosebleed1 in good music
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As a follower of our site, you know who AudioDax is and therefore, should be at the verge of foaming at the mouth to hear they have released new music. After releasing their first mixtape, The Annexation, the duo has seen a great deal of attention from blogs, agents and record companies, but with such an amazing introductory album, where does the group go next with their music? Luckily, AudioDax hasn’t let us down, remixing Crystal Castles’ “Empathy” to create a hard-hitting indie/hip-hop track. It’s a bit more aggressive and abrasive than anything on The Annexation, but I see it as the duo looking to branch out and try something new. Speaking of new, be on the lookout for their upcoming EP as well as a second mixtape on the way entitled “Vampire Castles: Our Take.” According to Matt & Thomas this “is a project where we honor our favorite bands and songs that should have been huge.” Can’t wait.

AudioDax – Thoughts

AudioDax – Pretty Girl

Posted: June 28, 2010 by nosebleed1 in good music
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If you’re a follower of us here at The Nosebleed Section, you’ve heard of AudioDax and our highest acclaim for their work. The duo has burst onto the hip-hop scene this year after releasing their first single “Matter of Time” – a song about their mental journey in becoming musically relevant. Composed of two DePauw University students, Krypton FLO (emcee) and Temble (vocals/production), AudioDax develops a lighter side of hip-hop, leaving the grittiness of urban rap behind and instead allowing their lyricism to rest over pop beats and airy synths. Today, AudioDax truly exposes themselves to the world with the release of their first mixtape “The Annexation.” This introductory mixtape certainly satisfies the immense hype and shows a unique identity of a duo that is able to categorize as electronic, indie/emo and experimental while always retaining their hip-hop roots. Be sure to download the mixtape here and if you need any more convincing, simply listen to “Pretty Girl” below. Well done AudioDax, this date undoubtedly marks the beginning of their musical appropriation.

AudioDax – Right Way

Posted: June 14, 2010 by nosebleed1 in good music
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I hate to play favorites, and I think as a music blogger, you are supposed to avoid full-blown biases, but to be honest… AudioDax is my favorite group right now. Firstly, they are college students at Depauw University in Indiana, who have successfully found balance on the tightrope that is academics + music. Secondly, I enjoy the dynamic of the duo. Unlike Chiddy Bang’s method of one man on the beats, one on the mic, AudioDax has both members on vocals allowing the listener to truly experience both artists. “Right Way” is a bonus track off their upcoming album “The Annexation” – hosted by DJ Benzi and Solly, due out by the end of this month. Also be sure to check out the rest of AudioDax including “Matter of Time” “Rewind” and my personal favorite “All The Koalas.”

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