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Remember Beyond Belief? The first time we were lucky enough to feature him on the NBS the Rockaway native demonstrated his wordplay dexterity over a simple, repetitive beat; now, he is back, but this time he has taken his hip-hop talents and combined them with production and rappers that only further compliment his talent. The single below utilizes the ever-catchy Stevie Wonder song “Sir Duke,” as the inspiration for the beat,and features two other rhymesayers helping Beyond Belief out, Kwame and Skillz. Kwame, the established producer/emcee behind the indie-label “Make Noise” which Beyond Belief is signed to, adds a confident and experienced verse, only to be followed by Skillz, another savvy hip-hop veteran who completes the song with a stylish swagger. In my mind however, it is Beyond Belief whose verse steals the show from both Kwame & Skillz, only further evidence of how much potential he has. Bottom line, this just-released track “All Over” only makes me even more excited for his upcoming mixtape Beyond Your Reach dropping August 26th on – Other rappers, whatcha want now? It’s all over, Beyond Belief is already beyond your reach.