S-Preme – Up and Away

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Pretty excited about this one, folks. One week ago on Twitter one of our new favorite artists, S-Preme, announced that he liked Asher Roth’s G.R.I.N.D. instrumental. Having just featured both S-Preme’s “Popular” and Asher Roth’s “G.R.I.N.D.” the idea of hearing the combination was tremendously exciting – so we told S-Preme to “Do It” on Twitter, as evidenced in the convo above. Imagine my surprise when I just saw the completed track, complete with dope artwork, featured on the incredibly popular/one of our favorite music blogs Gowhere Hip Hop. The surprise turned into delight when I started listening – S-Preme kills it. From his opening line “I’m looking up, I’m looking forward, to looking back…” to his final well-sung chorus this song is sure to be a NBS favorite. We’re really happy S-Preme came through (he released it the next day!) and happy we could play a small part in making the track happen. Enjoy and shout out to S-Preme for coming through – can’t wait for your upcoming EP S-Prodigy.


The Cali Swag District is having quite a year. First, the group out of Inglewood, California taught the entire country how to Dougie (including the Celtics Glen Davis). Now, the crew is back – teaching other rappers how to sample with maxium effect. Using a sweet snippet of Micheal Jackson’s 1972 hit “I Wanna Be Where You Are,” the group shows they are hardly a one-hit wonder. Made up of DJ/rapper C-Smoove, rapper Yung, rapper JayAre, and dancer M-Bone, the groups energetic and fun live performances are captivating an entirely new generation of hip-hop fans. It’s a little bit different than what we usually feature on the NBS – but it made my summer playlist and it can’t hurt for our followers to check it out. Cali Swag District’s debut album “The Kickback” is set to be released October 12, through Checkmate Music Group/Capitol Records. Listen below.

J. Cole – Blow Up

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Sure it’s a few days late, but with the nasty J. Cole, it’s definitely better late than never. His new track “Blow Up” is a message to all the hip-hop execs, artists and listeners who’ve doubted him, stating the cold-hard fact that “Bitch I’m About To Blow Up!” J. Cole comes non-stop with energy and determination, constantly rocking hip-hop with his lyrical militancy. This song is crazy-good, and J. Cole remains one of those artists you can trust to put out straight-up good music with no fillers. Brace yourselves for the upcoming album.

J. Cole – Blow Up

Following the ways of fellow-Rhymesayer Brother Ali, Atmosphere has released a new track as they embark on the upcoming “All My Friends” tour. Atmosphere will be joined on stage by DJ Rare Groove, Blueprint and NBS favorite’s Budo & Grieves, so if you’re in the area, this is not a show to miss. Unfortunately for us in Philadelphia, the show stays mostly on the West Coast. However, the track and official tour dates can be viewed in the video below.

AudioDax – Thoughts

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As a follower of our site, you know who AudioDax is and therefore, should be at the verge of foaming at the mouth to hear they have released new music. After releasing their first mixtape, The Annexation, the duo has seen a great deal of attention from blogs, agents and record companies, but with such an amazing introductory album, where does the group go next with their music? Luckily, AudioDax hasn’t let us down, remixing Crystal Castles’ “Empathy” to create a hard-hitting indie/hip-hop track. It’s a bit more aggressive and abrasive than anything on The Annexation, but I see it as the duo looking to branch out and try something new. Speaking of new, be on the lookout for their upcoming EP as well as a second mixtape on the way entitled “Vampire Castles: Our Take.” According to Matt & Thomas this “is a project where we honor our favorite bands and songs that should have been huge.” Can’t wait.

AudioDax – Thoughts

k-os – The Anchorman (Mixtape)

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Consider yourself lucky folks: you’re alive and breathing, the summer sun is out and most importantly…there’s new music from Canadian sensation k-os. This week saw the release of his new free mixtape “The Anchorman” available exclusively HERE. k-os (pronounced chaos) is, and has been for some time, a hugely influential figure in modern hip-hop, incorporating not only pop and rock into his rhymes, but also reggae, funk and soul. He’s a rapper, but damn can he sing and his originality comes gushing through with intense politically charged, emotionally vast lyricism. If you’re unfamiliar with his previous work, take a second to appreciate some of his hits, including: Zambony, I Wish I Knew Natalie Portman, and my personal favorite The Love Song. Down below, check out a couple of my favorite tracks off “The Anchorman” including Beauty Is A Loaded Gun and Faith, a track featuring drizzy Drake. If your not feeling the songs, well at least listen to the Anchorman intros on each track.

k-os – Faith (Ft. Drake)

k-os – Beauty Is A Loaded Gun

As you can see in the poster above, OnCue’s next mixtape “Cuey Sings The Blues” will be dropping for FREE on September 7th. The two leaks off the album have been outstanding – “Friends” and “Crashing Down” – and it’s impossble to wait for the full project to be released given our excitement (check out the video preview below!). To hold ourselves/our followers over, today’s post features an older OnCue song titled “Breathe Me,” guaranteed to impress all who listen. Featuring a haunting sample of Australian singer-songwriter Sia’s track of the same name, Cuey provides his characteristic¬† combination of thoughtful lyrics matched with a determined flow. As this is a somewhat retrospective look at the Connecticut-based rapper, it is worth a mention that OnCue’s previous mixtape called “Cueyfornication” can be downloaded here – and is insanely dope. Every song samples¬† a past Red Hot Chili Pepper single, yet it is OnCue who steals the show from the California rock legends on every track – particularly during my personal favorite “Otherside.” In my mind there is no doubting that OnCue is one of best emerging artists we feature, and watching his career progress is truly exciting, since every thing this man touches seems to turn to gold. OnCue, we salute you, September 7th can’t come soon enough.

We’re back with the latest edition of Remixes/Remakes (July’s release here) and these four songs couldn’t be more fitting. FIRST, and the track I’m most excited to unleash on our listeners, is a track called “(Under The) Brooklyn Bridge” from a new hip-hop group called Riot !n Paris. They’ve remade the Red Hot Chili Peppers hit “Under The Bridge” to splendid effect – you’ll especially like it if you rep BKNY as much as they do. NEXT, we have NBS favorite That Kid CG with another cut off his mixtape titled “Fork In The Road,” featuring the Philly-born emcee spitting over RJD2’s “Ghostwriter.” Personally, I had grown somewhat sick of RJD2’s instrumental masterpiece, but the smoothness of the vocals have placed the tune back into my summer playlists. AFTER YOU LISTEN TO THAT, we have one of first female hip-hop artists on the site thus far, K. Flay, with a recent release titled “2 Weak.” The 24-year old Stanford-grad ambitiously samples Grizzly Bear’s indie hit “Two Weeks,” yet pulls it off with a combination of creative verses and silky vocals that leaves us anxious to hear more. FINALLY, we have a track that’s been making waves in the blogosphere, from savvy Pittsburgh MC Mac Miller titled “Don’t Mind If I Do,” which samples recent pop-phenom Owl City’s hit “Fireflies.” All together, this is a pretty diverse grouping of songs but all either contain samples or are remakes of songs we like – be sure to check them all out.

According to Wikipedia, “Hip Hop’s “golden age” (or “golden era”) is a name given to a period in mainstream hip hop – usually cited as being a period varying in time frames during the 1980s and 1990s said to be characterized by its diversity, quality, innovation and influence.” This site, The Nosebleed Section, calls on our followers and fellow listeners to not lament the end of that era, but to instead embrace the current generation of rhyme spitters and realize that dope hip-hop continues to be made, daily. As further proof of this, this post presents up-and-comer Beyond Belief and his new single “Whatcha Want Now?!,” a track that might as well be the thesis in our argument. With skilled, confident wordplay over a simplistic, percussion-based beat, the Queens native truly impresses. We’re looking forward to the release of his soon-to-be released mixtape Beyond Your Reach, featuring this song and many more. That’s what we want now, here’s what we have now:

Joining the ranks of Brother Ali, Slug and Toki Wright comes another genuine rapper out of the Twin Cities: Kristoff Krane. Though not new to the hip-hop scene, Krane’s music only recently met my ears… and there was no turning back. A mixture between spoken word and hardcore rap, sidewalk cyphers and studio hits, Kristoff Krane finds himself joining the wave of Midwest/West Coast poets grabbing the mic. Krane himself wrote a stellar biography found here, but the sparknotes of it are as follows: he got into some trouble, took to music at the age of 20, started into the cypher scene alongside Eyedea and soon enough was lucky enough to tour with some of the Rhymesayer’s finest. Well, this Spring Kristoff Krane has certainly been working hard as he released two full-length albums in May and unlike Charles Hamilton’s nonsense – it’s actually good. Check out the albums “Hunting For Father” and “Picking Flowers Next To Roadkill” at his BANDCAMP page. Below, find a couple of my favorites including the free track “Inside Out” as well as “Work” where Kristoff Krane shares the studio with Atmosphere’s Slug.

Kristoff Krane – Inside Out

Kristoff Krane – Work (Ft. Slug)