About Us


We’re just two college kids who love music. We take vacations in the melodies and find solace in the rhymes of hip-hop artists who have yet to be jaded by the business of it all. Our mission is to identify this emerging generation of hip-hoppers. The Nosebleed Section is host to countless underground and upcoming artists, displaying their origins, stories and of course, gorgeous beats and rhymes. This blog is the initiation of artists and viewers into the realm of the modernizing “rap game,” for while we may not be front stage, we are certainly present. The main stage may shine bright with intrigue, but it is in The Nosebleed Section that creativity and passion prevail, where fans and artists alike gather to celebrate the music. On live hip-hop … Welcome To The Nosebleeds.

This site is not a music store, but instead our way of sharing beautiful music with a larger audience. We figured it was selfish to keep all these hidden gems to ourselves. That being said, all songs displayed here are for promotional use only and we urge all viewers to look into the artists, become a fan, and spread their work. Please contact us if you wish to have your music removed from this site.

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