Intuition – Dear John

Posted: August 27, 2010 by nosebleed1 in good music

This new Intuition joint is off the recently released compilation “Summer Sampler” presented by Potholes in My Blog and Prefix. I haven’t had the chance to sift through each track off the mixtape, but upon first listen, I’ve deemed it worthy of your ears. Down below, find Intuition’s “Dear John” a cool, laid back track with an addictive, relaxed beat and Intuition’s always smooth vocals overtop. For those that don’t know, Intuition is an Alaska-born, Cali-tamed rhymer that continues to rock an old-school flow in his music. According to his own bio: “Intuition is many things: a lover, a hater, a friend, an asshole, a flirt, a loner, a sibling, a son…but most of all Intuition is a rapper. You should be his listener.” I agree, and as for Dear John, I’m loving the vibe – very summer chill so I suggest you download the track below and check out the entire compilation album here. More from Intuition at his Bandcamp page.

Intuition – Dear John

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