The Five One – Mandatory

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Fans, friends, followers – we have awaited this day eagerly for the past few months, a Nosebleed Section feature of a group that a is about to take the music world by storm and the single that will allow them to do so. Without further ado, meet The Five One, a band out of the DMV (DC, Maryland, and Virginia) whose members RED, BLUE, GREEN, and GOLD “have simplified themselves from the complexities of societal identity by becoming colors.” The concept behind the band is truly unique, and past releases have demonstrated not only their tremendous musical talents and sounds, but also managed to present the creativity and philosophy behind the group. Their single featured below titled “Mandatory” is no different – here at The NBS it already ranks among our all time favorite songs – as we’ve been lucky enough to get to know the group over the past few months and had previewed the song before the finalized version was released just this afternoon. The song is refreshing and heartfelt, and highlights the abilities of each band member well. Both of us also saw The Five One perform live when they visited our college, and with RED playing guitar, BLUE on the drums, GREEN on keys, and GOLD on bass – the group not only captivated every audience member present during their energetic set, but also were genuinely friendly and left a positive, long-lasting impression on all who met them. We’ve stayed in touch with the group, and luckily got to ask GOLD a few questions today about the group, the single, and the future. Hit play+download on the song below and be sure check out the interview below:

The Five One – Mandatory

The Nosebleed Section: To our followers not as familiar with the group, could you briefly explain how The Five One first came together and the background behind becoming colors?

GOLD: We started out in 2006, just writing and recording in the Little Room.  We all individually would lend verses, or instrumental parts to the song, providing, which helped us achieve a great comfort zone studio recording-wise.  Over time, we finished an album called, The Virginia Complex, our first.  We spent a ton of time recording it, because it was pretty much the creation of our band’s style and sound.  That album is pretty much a young version of what you are about to hear from our new release, RED BLUE GREEN GOLD, coming out in 2011.  Over time, two more albums were released, The RED Complex and The GREEN Complex.  In that time, the colors were established.  RED was notorious for always being latched on to RED things.  What truly sparked the COLOR theme is when he started complimenting us on wearing RED.  As a retaliation, our reaction was that we weren’t RED, and we became our own.  BLUE became BLUE, and GREEN became GREEN, and I was the last COLOR, becoming GOLD.  If you look at our COLORpillar logo you’ll notice the order that we always try to maintain, even in pictures.  It starts with the originator, RED, and works it’s way to BLUE, GREEN, and GOLD.  This is exactly why the title of our upcoming album was a no-brainer, it’s the first album you’re getting where RED BLUE GREEN GOLD have come together in COLOR.  Just a side note, all our friends know that we always capitalize our individual COLORS and even the word, COLOR.  Thought I should put that out there to eliminate any curiosity!

The Nosebleed Section: In terms of The Five One and your musical journey thus far what does the track we feature today, “Mandatory” represent?

GOLD: Mandatory means the world to me.  We wrote it together, particularly that second verse.  It’s an anthem to let our family and friends know that they are the reason we are where we are, and who we are.  I’m glad that it’s our first single, because of the message.  As GREEN says in the hook, “All the others never listen, repetitions mandatory.”  We constantly have to repeat ourselves to people that simply don’t understand us, or refuse to believe us or believe IN us.  Without the support of the people that understand us better than ourselves, who knows where we’d be.  We have a ton of friends that we like to call our secondary COLORS.  Basically, we call them secondary because they haven’t embraced Revalulion ( [rev-uh-loo-lee-n], the action of personifying oneself as a color, a philosophical term coined by The Five One) to the point that it’s on them at all times, but they are true to their COLOR to the point that they want to be called by their COLOR.  It’s a beautiful thing, COLORs are easier to remember than names.  We light up when someone introduces themselves to us as a COLOR, remember that!

The Nosebleed Section: What does the immediate future hold in store for The Five One?

GOLD:  Colossal things.  We aren’t only about our COLORs, we are also characters such as MONSTERS, MUTANTS, VAMPIRES.. we have seasons SUMMER WINTER SPRING FALL, we have BEATLES GEORGE RINGO PAUL JOHN, we have numbers that we obsess with such as 12:34.  We never stop.  We are about innovation and creativity, and keeping the mind stimulated with embracing that everything is art.  When your heart is in the right place and you have your eyes on the prize, everything will fall into place.  Ultimately, all we’ve got is NOW, we’ll worry about the future when the future becomes NOW.  Cheers guys!
More on The Five One:

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