AudioDax – Thoughts

Posted: August 13, 2010 by nosebleed1 in good music
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As a follower of our site, you know who AudioDax is and therefore, should be at the verge of foaming at the mouth to hear they have released new music. After releasing their first mixtape, The Annexation, the duo has seen a great deal of attention from blogs, agents and record companies, but with such an amazing introductory album, where does the group go next with their music? Luckily, AudioDax hasn’t let us down, remixing Crystal Castles’ “Empathy” to create a hard-hitting indie/hip-hop track. It’s a bit more aggressive and abrasive than anything on The Annexation, but I see it as the duo looking to branch out and try something new. Speaking of new, be on the lookout for their upcoming EP as well as a second mixtape on the way entitled “Vampire Castles: Our Take.” According to Matt & Thomas this “is a project where we honor our favorite bands and songs that should have been huge.” Can’t wait.

AudioDax – Thoughts

  1. […] It’s Empathy which was a top download awhile ago. Enjoy this one which was spotted over at thenbs . . […]

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