Kristoff Krane – Inside Out + More

Posted: August 8, 2010 by nosebleed1 in good hip hop
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Joining the ranks of Brother Ali, Slug and Toki Wright comes another genuine rapper out of the Twin Cities: Kristoff Krane. Though not new to the hip-hop scene, Krane’s music only recently met my ears… and there was no turning back. A mixture between spoken word and hardcore rap, sidewalk cyphers and studio hits, Kristoff Krane finds himself joining the wave of Midwest/West Coast poets grabbing the mic. Krane himself wrote a stellar biography found here, but the sparknotes of it are as follows: he got into some trouble, took to music at the age of 20, started into the cypher scene alongside Eyedea and soon enough was lucky enough to tour with some of the Rhymesayer’s finest. Well, this Spring Kristoff Krane has certainly been working hard as he released two full-length albums in May and unlike Charles Hamilton’s nonsense – it’s actually good. Check out the albums “Hunting For Father” and “Picking Flowers Next To Roadkill” at his BANDCAMP page. Below, find a couple of my favorites including the free track “Inside Out” as well as “Work” where Kristoff Krane shares the studio with Atmosphere’s Slug.

Kristoff Krane – Inside Out

Kristoff Krane – Work (Ft. Slug)

  1. Thanks for the kind words–you really took the time to explore what I’m doing, and it’s greatly appreciated!

    If you get a chance, you should check out my music video for “Miracle”


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