Somewhere Else – Taboo?

Posted: August 7, 2010 by nosebleed2 in good music
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Friends/fans of the Nosebleed Section, based on the quality and potential inherent in the song we feature below, it’s truly exciting to spotlight the L.A. band SomeWhere Else in this post. In 2008, this dope group of talented rhymesayers won the 2008 International Battle of the Bands, yet their debut single “Taboo?” has only just been released. It was worth the wait – “Taboo?” has a unique, stylish, confidence about it that makes the track easily one of my personal favorites of 2010. Featuring three MC’s, Logik, Lonnie Ro, and Saint P, and a producer named Jono, the group has been gearing up for an album release on this upcoming Monday. Titled Master Basement, it will be available for free download exclusively on, and based on the song featured below you’ll definitely want to check out the first release from this emerging group.


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