The Nosebleed Nine – July 2010

Posted: August 2, 2010 by nosebleed2 in good music, The Nosebleed Nine
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The Nosebleed Nine is back folks – this time a compilation of the best of the month of JULY. It’s our second release in the series to celebrate the end of our second, and even more successful, month as a blog. The album releases (download June’s here) are part of an attempt to help less-frequent visitors of the site or future visitors looking back to easily catch up with and download some of the latest and greatest new hip-hop we’ve discovered. This nine songs make a great iTunes playlist and we’re excited to keep featuring the artists you hear on it – including S-Preme, Rich Kid Sound System, PJ Simas, e-dubble, Big K.R.I.T, Isaiah & Hovey, M.i., Gilbere Forte’, and The Dean’s List. Finally, we understand we have no ownership of this music and are using it solely to aid emerging artists in their pursuit of fame – as always, contact us if you want your song removed. ENJOY!


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