Kooley High – Betty Crocker

Posted: July 28, 2010 by nosebleed1 in good music
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North Carolina hip-hop group, Kooley High, released their new album “Eastern Standard Time” yesterday to a great deal of internet-generated hype. This group met as students at North Carolina State University and began tearing up campuses along the East Coast with their exhilarating live performances. Eastern Standard Time is certainly a giant step for them in terms of widening the Kooley High fan base and making a name for themselves. With an old school feel and contemporary rap minimalism, Kooley High will keep your attention by mixing soulful R&B chorus lines through interwoven verses. In their own words: “With Eastern Standard Time, we plan to put the fun back in Hip Hop, which is the essence of the genre’s birth.” Check out the track “Betty Crocker” off this new album, featuring a funky beat produced by Beatnik & K-Salaam. Also be sure to support the group by purchasing Eastern Standard Time HERE.

Kooley High – Betty Crocker


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