The Nosebleed Section’s Party Playlist – July

Posted: July 13, 2010 by nosebleed2 in good music
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Most of the hip-hop songs we feature on this site are welcome additions to any hip-hop fans collection, yet don’t always make the final cut when it’s time to make a playlist for a summer party. Today, we change that; ain’t no party like a nosebleed party, cause a nosebleed party don’t stop! Ideally this will be a monthly post which will include a mix of remixes featuring artists we’ve already spotlighted, more mainstream hip-hop songs we like, and other tunes we feel you need to hear. We remain devoted to bringing you the best songs from hip-hops emerging artists we find the rest of the month, but want a day to include, well, the best of the rest.

First, remember OnCue?  We featured him here. Well, here is he again, this time in “Inhale, Exhale (VIKING Remix).” It’s hard to resist the way this song builds slowly into the chorus, and then the irresistibly catchy chorus itself – listen above. // Next, another rapper we’ve featured (here), iSH, is back again too. This time, it’s his remix of the radio hit “Bulletproof,” and his verse is an undoubted improvement. Ch-check it out. // After these two, we get a bit more mainstream. First, Duke-graduate turned superstar, Mike Posner. His song “Cooler Than Me,” has been tearing up the radio charts, and featured below is my favorite remix of the track thus far, perfect for raging. // Finally, my most-played song of the summer. If you haven’t already heard it, “Armada Latina” is the result of Latino hip-hop royalty Cypress Hill teaming up with Marc Anthony and Pitbull. Its irresistable, accessible to all music fans, and the perfect way to end this collection. (Update: Added a bonus track, Glasses Malones thumper “I Get Doe.”)

  1. […] times before – first for “Crashing Down” and “Friends,” next for “Inhale Exhale (VKNG Remix), then for “Breathe Me.” Today, we add another killer track to the list – […]

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