M.i. – Time

Posted: July 2, 2010 by nosebleed1 in good music

Using popular samples to fuel songs is nothing new in hip-hop, and critics may saw it’s far overdone. But what better way for an aspiring artist to be heard, then to fuse their innovation into a beloved song? We’re waiting on OnCue’s “Cuey Sings The Blues” which will feature the rapper spitting over a countless number of former hits (including DMB), but for now we’re privileged with M.i.’s reworking of the genius that is Jack Johnson. In this Austin, TX-native’s latest work, The Jack Johnson Sessions, he’s compiled seventeen songs with Johnson’s tunes forming a catchy background and M.i. rhyming on top. But M.i. doesn’t stop with the raps, he also produced and mixed each song on the album. If you’re a Jack Johnson fanatic, don’t worry, M.i. has reinvigorated the samples to create intriguing new songs. Down below, listen+download two singles off the album, but as always, be sure to get the work in its entirety here – it’s certainly worthy of a bit of your hard drive.

M.i. – Time

M.i. – These Ideas

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