Grip Grand – Poppin’ Pockets

Posted: June 29, 2010 by nosebleed2 in good music, good video
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The true test of any rapper is the freestyle, a time-honored tradition of mental agility. This being said, the rapper we spotlight here, Grip Grand out of San Francisco, has studied and practiced his hip-hop game to the point he makes the test look easy. With confident verses in the following video of him freestyling over the Clipse song Popular Demand, Grip Grand demands attention – including his humorous boast that hes “eatin’ up rappers like pac-man done ate dots.” That said, besides the initial appreciation, freestyles lose their appeal with repetition. However, the nice thing about discovering an MC late in their career is the immediate access and quantity of past releases available – and with Grand, there is no drop in the quality. Among others is his song “Poppin’ Pockets,” a hip-hop gem which you can listen to below. Between the freestyle and the more laid back single, it is clear – Grip Grands nickname of “Mr. Versatiliy” couldn’t be more fitting. Enjoy.


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